Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well, I suppose it's time I update my blog...after all, it's only been a month, lol. Not a whole helluva lot is going on in my life, so there's really not that much to report. I'm on Spring Break this week, which is nice because it gives me the chance to work solely on my own research this week without having to worry about teaching and grading.

I'm playing with the macro lens on camera, and I came up with this picture:

Not too bad, it's not photoshopped or anything. I'm gonna break down and try to sign up for a photography class. My last camera confused me, and it was just a point and shoot digital. I understand the basic concepts behind SLR photography, but putting those concepts into practice is an entirely different ballgame.

So, Tanya, this update is for you! :-)


Tanya said...

WORD! Man, beautiful shot with the rose! I love it!
I hear you on the SLR homefront...I've been looking for a class, too - around here, classes cost you more than the camera! Maybe this summer at the community college? Seems though they want to teach you more about photoshop rather than the camera itself.
I miss you so much! I even signed on YM the other day, no one was on.
Enjoy your spring break...or mzaybe it's a spring thaw for you! I am so sick of snow I could puke! We got some yesterday - just a light dusting, but it was still snow!

Penny said...

Hello! It's 30 degrees here in Bos-town and it's going to snow tonight! Not much, just a dusting (don't you love it when "party cloudy" turns into 6-12 inches??) I hope you can get yourself to someplace warm sometime soon. I'm drinking blueberry ale and trying to pretend it's July and I'm on the porch at the farm in Maine. Isn't working too well. Of course when it really is hazy, hot, and humid out, I'll be fussing about that too. {deep sigh}

Tanya said...

This is your monthly reminder to update your blog! (KISSES!!)